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Complimentary Shipping Worldwide
Complimentary Shipping Worldwide

Sell on Neo Modern

Neo Modern Merchant Application

Neo Modern is a managed marketplace for top manufacturers of quality goods to sell unbranded or private label products direct to consumers through our storefront. Neo Modern merchants gain access to a turnkey distribution channel where they can increase yield on production capacity without the need to invest or change the existing supply chain.

Please note that we only work with high-quality factories or trading companies at this time.

To work with us, please send us an email at with the following information:

  • Official Business Name
  • Type of Business: Small Factory: 50-200 workers. Medium Factory: 200-1000 workers. Large Factory: >1000 workers
  • Business Address
  • Types of products you make
  • Brands you've made products for
  • Product Catalog
  • MOQ Required
  • Lead Times

We will get back to you right away. Looking forward to working together.